How to Create a Brand Board + Free Template!

A brand board is just a nice little graphic that serves as a guide for your brand’s visuals. It helps us stay consistent in all our branding that we use in social media, on our website, on our business card, and more. Before creating a website or social media templates, I always make a brand board. A brand board reminds

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My Story

A few years back, I started a home décor business, called Southern Hearts Design. My dad owns a cabinet shop, so I would use his sander and saws to prepare the wood for signs, tables, and shelves. Most of my signs had text on them, so I would design the signs on the computer and then hand-paint them. I sold

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Build Your Business Workshop

Stay tuned for our next LIVE “Build Your Business” workshop. I’ll announce the date in our facebook group or you can sign up for updates below! So, how will it work? I’ll create a pop-up Facebook group for us to complete the challenge together. Sign up below and I”ll send you the link to the group once we get closer

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How To Stay True to Your Goals – Simple Trick

Hey guys. Today, I want to show you one simple trick to help you stick to your goals. Do you ever just get so excited about a new idea? You start taking action on your idea and then three other ideas come to you. You get so excited for your next idea that you abandon your first idea to work

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Hi, I'm Cassie

I help small business owners grow their business by enhancing their online presence.



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