A brand board is just a nice little graphic that serves as a guide for your brand’s visuals. It helps us stay consistent in all our branding that we use in social media, on our website, on our business card, and more.

Before creating a website or social media templates, I always make a brand board. A brand board reminds me of the exact colors and fonts the company is going to use, as well as the “feel” each graphic needs to have.

A brand board can include your logo, the colors you use, fonts you’ll use for your website and print materials, and more.

Alternatively, you can create a mood board, which mainly consists of images that create a certain mood for your brand. A mood board can also be referenced when creating graphics. It just isn’t as informative as a brand board, which reminds you of fonts, exact colors, etc.

Either way, these help us stay consistent in any visuals we use for our business.


Ready to create your brand board?

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