Hey guys. Today, I want to show you one simple trick to help you stick to your goals.

Do you ever just get so excited about a new idea? You start taking action on your idea and then three other ideas come to you. You get so excited for your next idea that you abandon your first idea to work on your next…

This cycle could go on and on and it’s great way to:

never get anything done.

fall behind on your goals.

eventually lead to burn out.

More on these in a moment.

I relate my constant idea syndrome to a dog going for a walk. He’s taking a lovely stroll, patiently walking beside his owner, when suddenly he sees a squirrel and abandons everything else to chase after that squirrel.

I imagine him strolling along thinking “hmmm, what a lovely day. I’m gonna sniff this tree since mom is taking me the long way. Oh, I’m being so good, I know I’ll get a treat. Next, I’ll …. [spots squirrel].

“SQUIRREL!” [Takes off running] Tree is abandoned, treats are forgotten as the squirrel! moment sets in.

If you’re stuck in the never ending idea circle like I was, I want to tell you about what propelled me to finish my goals, stay consistent, and move my business forward. This is where my Squirrel! List comes in!

My squirrel list is where I write down those sudden ideas that pop in my head. As a rule, I can’t work on those squirrel ideas immediately. I have to keep working on what I’m doing, but my squirrel idea is written on the list safe and sound.

So how does it work?

In my planner, I have my set goals, the ones I’ve decided on at the beginning of the month or week. Those are my “have-to” to-do’s. These to-do’s will move the needle in my business or help me  accomplish my long-term goals.

I allow myself to work on my squirrel list once my set goals are complete. These become my new bonus goals. So, at the end of the week or month, I can see that my “have-to” goals are met, and can go ahead and scratch off some “bonus goals” if I have some extra time.

This helps hold me accountable to my set goals, while also letting my ideas run wild.

Like I mentioned earlier, before my squirrel list I was constantly chasing my next idea. I had no consistency in my goals or marketing because  I was off running to my new idea before I finished my first one. This eventually led to me wondering “what am I doing wrong?”, which then led to burnout. Since then I’ve learned that staying true to your goals – and taking action on them – is so important in growing your business.

Ready to start using a “Squirrel” List of your own? Download this free printable today!


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