A few years back, I started a home décor business, called Southern Hearts Design.

My dad owns a cabinet shop, so I would use his sander and saws to prepare the wood for signs, tables, and shelves. Most of my signs had text on them, so I would design the signs on the computer and then hand-paint them. I sold the signs and décor on platforms such as Etsy, Facebook marketplace, and trade shows.

I soon realized I really enjoyed the digital designs more than being out in the shop on a freezing winter day, constructing a new sign for the custom order going out soon. Instead, I would rather be on the computer creating new designs or preparing social media posts. I had a blast creating a new website and planning marketing strategies.

For a short time, I started helping other business owners with their branding designs and I loved every minute of it.

In 2018, I went and found a corporate job, which God used for training for me. I started out as a front desk receptionist. After a month, I was promoted to marketing coordinator. I was so excited. The company had been looking for someone to fill the marketing position, and when the general manager found out I had marketed my small business, as well as helped other small businesses, he took a chance on me. After that day, I spent every weekday immersed in digital marketing. I worked with our sister company to plan strategies, optimize our website, oversee budgets, create email campaigns, and post on social media. I really enjoyed it. Each success and even small amounts of progress made the job very rewarding.

Then, the time came when my husband’s company was growing, and we decided that I would go work for his business to help run things on the admin side. I organized the office and created systems that helped keep our bookkeeping running smoothly.

In the meantime, some family members asked if I was still doing design, so I would help out with a logo or printable here and there.

One day my dad came to me and said “Cassie, I have no calls coming in. I don’t have a job lined up after this one is installed. In over 40 years of doing this, I’ve never had that happen.”

So I told him, “You know what? I have some extra time, let me see what I can do.

I took a look at his online presence and got to work.

He ended up hiring help within a month and is now booked out for months. He’s actually overwhelmed with the amount of work coming in, so we’re figuring out how to scale the business so he doesn’t have to turn customers away.

God inspired me to start this business to help other entrepreneurs just like my dad start and grow their business by creating and enhancing their online presence.

Sometimes large marketing companies and agencies do not understand the needs of small businesses. You don’t need a complicated website that requires a web developer to make every little change for you or an aggressive social media plan that takes hours (per day!) to implement.


You need simple, results-driven, action steps to grow your business.

And that’s what I’m here to give you.

Whether you decide to work with me or learn from our DIY workshops, my goal is for you to gain clarity in what’s next for your business by leaving with a clear, step-by-step roadmap that drives you to the results you are looking for.


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